Perfect Pout: Clinique

The Chubby Stick is going to be your new bestest friend in the whole wide world.

WATCH NOW: Shit Girls Say


Gudrun&Gudrun and Sarah Lund’s jumper

I’ve become a bit obsessed lately with Forbrydelsen (The Killing), a Danish (don’t bother with the American version, it’s absolute rubbish) cop drama/thriller that I cannot recommend highly enough. Here in the UK we’re currently half way through S2, but S1 is not to be overlooked. No, no, no. It’s 20 episodes long, and admittingly each episode clocks … Continue reading

Listen To: Chancha Via Circuito

I only came across Argentinian producer Chancha Via Circuito (real name Pedro Canale) and his Buenos Aires based label ZZK Records a few months back with the release of his sophomore album “Rio Arriba”.  It’s so beyond magical that I’m ashamed for not having heard of him before, and I’m mortified at the lack of it’s presence in emerging Top Records of 2011 … Continue reading

You’ll Want To Be Her Friend: Zoe Foster

Read her column. Buy her books. Watch her YouTube advice. This lady knows what’s going on.

A (Well Written) Teenage Rant

Sometimes you have to listen to the unruly youth that surround us, because they may just surprise you.

Get Your Brows Done, It Will Change Your Face/Life

I was skeptical, and then I found my way. And So Should You!

Things My Personal Trainer Has Said That We Should All Listen To

Exercising is as fun as doing a massive belly flop at the public pool. However, if you don’t want a belly there in the first place, then maybe exercise ain’t too bad.