Get Your Brows Done, It Will Change Your Face/Life

They frame you entire face, so lets give them some respect.


Zoe Foster's Gorgeous Eyebrows, and her Tom Ford Lipstick in Ginger Fawn

Zoe Foster's Gorgeous Eyebrows, and her Tom Ford Lipstick in Ginger Fawn

I got my eyebrows done when I was about 15 or 16 and they made them a little too thin, but also told me I needed to grow them out a little as I had plucked them to far from where the imaginary line should meet my nose.

And then nothing. I didn’t go back, mainly due to fear that they were too perfect and also because I didn’t want to spend money on my eyebrows. Ludicrous when there was cinema tickets to purchase at George Street with my fellow teenage pals.

So now I am a little older and hopefully wiser, and I have been doing some really ace reading, Amazing Face by Zoe Foster, and what stood out was that eyebrows are REALLY important to your face.

So with that I planned to go and bite the bullet (eww) and get a professional to do them. Seeing as I work in the city, I also decided to try out the new Benefit Brow Bar in Myer. See how they are compared to my beloved beauty helpers over at the Benefit Bar in NYC.


Benefit Brow Bar Myer, Sydney.

They were super sweet and totally swamped. I waited about 30 minutes to get myself into a high chair and on my way, but seeing as I was in the middle of a store, I had plenty to look at.

Once the lady took me over I nervously told her about how I hadn’t had anything done for a long time and that I wanted them “to look thicker, neat and NOT be thin”. She smiled and showed me what she would do and went on her way, waxing and then plucking. Ouchy! She did the first brow and showed me, I agreed it looked ace and then the second got its make over.

Once it was all done another lady applied powder to counter act the redness, used the famous Benefit Brow Kit to make them appear fuller and the wax to set them.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it!

Eyebrows make ALL the difference.


Now I will add some Before and After’s. Excuse the stupid faces.



BEFORE (Note: I took this years and years ago, after I fell over and concussed my head)



AFTER (Note I took this at 10pm, after a gym session and before a lovely skype with Kaity)

The photos aren’t great, but I hope you can see that the second shows a more framed and filled in brow which makes my eyes look bigger and all those good things.


So now to recreate it I have used MAC’s brow pencil and Tom Fords Brow All In One Pencil, they are both awesome. But I must admit I really like the texture and look of the powder the Benefit ladies used, so I may gift myself one of those kits for Christmas.

– Mac


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