Gudrun&Gudrun and Sarah Lund’s jumper

I’ve become a bit obsessed lately with Forbrydelsen (The Killing), a Danish (don’t bother with the American version, it’s absolute rubbish) cop drama/thriller that I cannot recommend highly enough. Here in the UK we’re currently half way through S2, but S1 is not to be overlooked. No, no, no. It’s 20 episodes long, and admittingly each episode clocks in at an hour, but it’s so well written and performed that you become too engrossed to notice how much time you’re sacrificing to it, and trust me when I say your patience is greatly rewarded.

Jumper by Gudrun&Gudrun

The show stars the hard hitting detective Sarah Lund (played by the lovely Sofie Gråbøl) as she solves the brutal killing of a teenage girl.
It also stars Lund’s now famous jumper…

For all 20 episodes of S1 Lund wears the same god damn jumper, which at first may sound tedious as it’s set over 20 days and you’d be forgiven in hoping for a costume change at some point for our leading lady. However, never in a show have I become so transfixed with a characters costume.

Gråbøl explains it best –  “The reason it’s so perfect is because it tells so many stories. It tells of a person who doesn’t use her sexuality – that’s a big point. Lund’s so sure of herself she doesn’t have to wear a suit. She’s at peace with herself.

 The jumper in question is by wool dominated label Gudrun&Gudrun from the Faroe Islands, and is hand knitted with 100% organic wool.
The price reflects this, costing a cool €280 Euro ($360 Aus) but I think it’s safe to say you can well and truly put this in your “investment purchase” closet. It comes in Black or White and you can buy it on their site here.
Also, check out their Double Layered dress made out of mohair. I’ll take two.
And of course, watch the show.

– Kaity

One Response to “Gudrun&Gudrun and Sarah Lund’s jumper”
  1. Liquidia Nanna Lucidia says:

    Yay..Forbrydelsen is great. And danish like me.

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