This is so Clever: I’m Late with Sunnie Brooks

This is a brilliant little video about the qualms of running late in the morning and what to grab and dab and what to forget about before running out the door.

French Vogue You Saucy Devils

Re-Launching a site has never been this cool!

Try It Out: Rockabilly

Hair swept up in a bandana, excessive winged black eyeliner and a splash of red lipstick.

Great Video for Clothing 2012

It is a new year, but what to fill your lovely wardrobe with? H&M have you sorted.

WATCH NOW: Shit Girls Say


Listen To: Chancha Via Circuito

I only came across Argentinian producer Chancha Via Circuito (real name Pedro Canale) and his Buenos Aires based label ZZK Records a few months back with the release of his sophomore album “Rio Arriba”.  It’s so beyond magical that I’m ashamed for not having heard of him before, and I’m mortified at the lack of it’s presence in emerging Top Records of 2011 … Continue reading

Inspiration: Sofia Coppola

I like to sit in the bath tub and pretend I’m in a Sofia Coppola film.

Hello Best Ad Campaign: Kate Moss for Longchamp

This video just released by Longchamp in collaboration with the dynamic Kate Moss is a flurry of heavenly camera shots capturing a 70s hippy vibe in the Marrakesh sun.

Inspirational Fun Times: Justin Wu

Justin Wu

Having a long frustrating day, work dragging along, assignments aren’t completing themselves and all you want in the world is a break. That is when Justin Wu’s videos come in. Fashion week has become a Mecca for the blog savvy fashion types, a time when we are inundated with photographs of the gorgeous models that … Continue reading

Inspiration: The Man Behind The Camera: The Sartorialist

I love to take photos of people, I can be that incredibly annoying person at a party or event with their hand permanently attached to a camera, while people duck out of shots or smile politely and (after a few drinks) finally get into the frames enthusiastically. Something about the visual world and capturing a … Continue reading