We don’t like to talk about it, but here is a little secret help.

It’s a topic we don’t like to chat about it, and you probably get anxious thinking about bringing it up with your doctor. But here is a total legend giving you the all the help you need to hear.

How-To: Shop Online

It can be daunting, but I will teach you some easy ways to always win on the web.

Perfume: You’re Scented Fingerprint

Perfume is one of those wonderful things, it makes people smell amazing and also distinctly like themselves.

Gudrun&Gudrun and Sarah Lund’s jumper

I’ve become a bit obsessed lately with Forbrydelsen (The Killing), a Danish (don’t bother with the American version, it’s absolute rubbish) cop drama/thriller that I cannot recommend highly enough. Here in the UK we’re currently half way through S2, but S1 is not to be overlooked. No, no, no. It’s 20 episodes long, and admittingly each episode clocks … Continue reading

A (Well Written) Teenage Rant

Sometimes you have to listen to the unruly youth that surround us, because they may just surprise you.

Get Your Brows Done, It Will Change Your Face/Life

I was skeptical, and then I found my way. And So Should You!

Things My Personal Trainer Has Said That We Should All Listen To

Exercising is as fun as doing a massive belly flop at the public pool. However, if you don’t want a belly there in the first place, then maybe exercise ain’t too bad.

So what does it mean? Tattoos for a Reason

TATTOO OR ‘TWAT’TOO I currently have six tattoos, four I hold dear to my heart and two I some what regret since they weren’t planned, done properly or mean very much, except that my best friends mirrors mine (and they do make us laugh). So that got me to thinking. Is a tattoo better when … Continue reading

Sydney’s Vogue Fashion’s Night Out!

Me trying on Prada sunglasses in PRADA

My experience of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out Sydney 2011…….

Haircuts: Edward Scissorhands VS Sweeney Todd

Getting a haircut has always been terrifying for me. You can walk out with a mad do that’ll have people looking at you like you run this town OR you’ll want to cry and wear a hat for two months straight.