I want Tom Ford for Christmas

Beauty, Clothes, Fragrance. What can’t this cheeky little sex monkey do!?


Spiritual Sisters.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”― Anaïs Nin Lizzi Bougatsos and Chloë Sevigny  speaking to Dazed and Confused about each other ❤ Dedicated to Maca. – Kaity

Piercings are the New Tattoos

They are superb for those non-committed types or those afraid of the pain of getting a tattoo. Piercings are the new tattoos.

Who wears short shorts! We wear short shorts!

They’re such short shorts! We like short shorts! It is hot enough to hit the beach tomorrow and I am celebrating by looking up what to wear. Now skirts ain’t so fun, you can’t sit in them comfortably, you are always worried if they are riding up and showing your ass to the world, so… … Continue reading

Secret Love: Lingerie

I’ll admit it. I love beautiful under garments. And to be honest, it has absolutely nothing to do with impressing anyone at all.

Time to Get Wet: Pools and Beaches

I want to swim in a large body of water. ***** Ok summer, we have had our tiff, we had a time out and now I really think we need to get back together. I’ve grown and you’ve grown, but honestly, I miss you. Enough of this sad rain business and give us what we … Continue reading