Things My Personal Trainer Has Said That We Should All Listen To

Hot town, Summer in the city.


I am only quoting Joe Cocker because it is a gosh darn hot town when it’s summer in this fine Sydney city of ours (unless like Kaity you are in a cold place like London – then sorry to be bragging).

Other than over-worked sweat glands when the heat is on, you start to consider that fleshy pouch you have lovingly acquired during the bear like months of hibernation.

I know I did!

So after weeping a little at the price, I manned up, did some budgeting and stopped spending quite so much on clothes and shoes and got myself a personal trainer. NOW, I know we can’t all afford to do this, hell my mum still rolls her eyes at me about the whole thing (read in a gorgeous Mama Spanish accent) “but Macarena you could be saving for something better or paying off your credit card!”. Yes mum, I know, but then when all that is paid I’ll be the sad plump Maca sitting at home, not joining the family at the beach because she is too terrified to subject the public to her many stomachs.

BUT, that’s why I wanted to write about it here. I wanted to share some of the golden advice my lovely trainer has given me so that you can take it on board at home, in a park, at the beach, in the carpark or on a boat (you lucky thing).

They are easy, simple exercises that ALL trainers swear by for the ladies primary woes – thighs, stomachs and (canteen lady) arms.





Lunges are superb, they work your core, thighs and stomach all at once. Magic Lunges! Do about 4 sets of ten up and down where ever you may be, in a straight line.

Making sure that you keep your back straight and your chest up.

For extra kick, drop your hips down during every lung, you will feel the burn and work everything double time. You get extra brownie points (*no actual brownies of course) if you do this while holding some weights in each hand.




Do these for the inner thighs, calves and stomach you have always dreamed of having, don’t do this if you want to be a roly poly Santa with no need for a fat suit.

Have your legs shoulder width apart, or until you are at a comfortable length to squat down. Have your toes pointing slightly outwards and use your pelvis to move up and down, stick that bum right out and keep that back straight. Hold your arms in front to keep this action smooth.

Thirty squats, fast and even in a row really get those legs and abs working, extra points if you go for a quick cardio session in between each set. Do at least 3 sets.




Weights are the magic ingredient that really helps out all the other work outs, because when combined your body will be screaming to jump in a hammock for five days and also burn more fatsy mass than you could have dreamed.

Use small weights and build your way up. Begin by using them in conjunction with the lunges and squats and then work your way into bigger ones. Again with the other exercises.

Keep your weight movements slow and straight and try not to push too far past your limit or you’ll just hurt yourself.




Cardio refers to those handy dandy machines that line every single gym in the world, we are talking the treadmill, bicycle and step machines.

Now the best results are when you use them sparingly between the other workouts, also you’ll get less bored that way.

However, when on there for a nice thick slot of 30-45 minutes, run/cycle/step at a fast pace for 200-300 metres and then slow it down for 100 metres before picking it back up again. This increase in your heart rate and muscles will increase your weight lose and efficiency on the machine.

Also, if you don’t have access to a gym remember that you can run/cycle/walk up and down stairs ANYWHERE, the park, the beach, the supermarket. The world is your gym.


So now that you have the BEST BASICS all you need to do is slot yourself some time, 3 times a week and just DO IT. A 30-45 minute workout will work miracles if you also drop the pizza and burrito you have in your hand as you read this.

Unless it’s the weekend, I have a rule that if it’s the weekend I am free to doze on the couch and eat that cheesy pizza.

Have fun with it too or you’ll never stick to it, con a friend into joining you or just make really ace play lists to strut to while you go (I recommend rnb/pop/dance kinda stuff).

– Mac

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