KIT Cosmetics – Making Everyone Look Pretty

I think I am just a late bloomer, as it has taken me until my twenties to really ‘get’ make up. As in how to apply it, what they’re called and then where to purchase it. I got in contact with my buddy Aph (the amazing writer of, she is an all round babe … Continue reading

An American Girl In Italy – Ruth Orkin

There she was just walking down the street.. Kaity

This is an S.O.S.

Many years ago I was bored and decided to go get some DVDs with my sister, I casually grabbed The Devil Wears Prada as to be quite honest – clothes, shoes and I have a secret love affair. So I put it on and the opening credits rolled in with a glorious little montage of … Continue reading

Featured: Chanel… I love you.

These are the Chanel Bowtie Heels, and aren’t they simply gorgeous. Mac

You keep saying arrogant like it’s a good thing.

Enjoy: Kaity

Cappuccino Wilderness Safari – J.D. Reforma

Opening at GAFFA GALLERY at 281 Clarence Street, Sydney J.D. Reforma is taking everyone into the radness of the art world, just let him tell you: “In Cappuccino Wilderness Safari, I seek to investigate how the twin-concerns of celebrity and status are expressed through bourgeois tendencies to “life-stylise”. By utilising the encoded aesthetics of suburbia … Continue reading