Time to Get Wet: Pools and Beaches

I want to swim in a large body of water.


Ok summer, we have had our tiff, we had a time out and now I really think we need to get back together. I’ve grown and you’ve grown, but honestly, I miss you.

Enough of this sad rain business and give us what we want.

If you do, this is what you’ll get.


Let me show you.

Time to get out your retro swimsuit!

This two piece from Gorman is almost covered enough to have me brave the public in it.

This lovely little number is perfect for those wanting to show off, but not bare all. I prefer a one piece to a bikini any day, they provide better support and honestly no one should have to see my gut.

Time to put on your hat!

It is Australia, we have a bloody hot sun, so don’t be an idiot. (especially the whiteys out there) Put on a hat and look this damn good doing it. Take a hint from Brigette here and protect yourself the sexy 70s way.

Time to pout!


I always get dry lips really easily, especially near salty winds at the beach. So I did a little research and found THE GREATEST LIPBALM KNOWN TO MAN. I had to use capitals to get that across. This balm is SPF15, it has a delicious smell (and taste), it gives your lips a hint of colour and heals and protects. Get one!

Time to doll up those pretty feet!

First, get a lovely pedicure, because you will be barefoot all summer and you need to give those sweaty feet some love.

Now that you don’t give big foot a run for his money, get yourself into these cuties. Introducing Dupé Thongs. These are practical, come is ace colours and most importantly are afforable (Woop Woop!). Finally!

They are the little sister of the infamous Haviana company (I only say that because I once bought those thongs for $5.95 and now they cost about a million dollars).

Time to do your hair!

There is nothing more annoying than beach hair, its all over the joint, so I have found the most adorable solution. Pig tails a la Brigette Bardot of course. In your retro wear and pouty lips you’ll pull this off with all the ease of the bombshell herself.


Ok, so now that we have our collection prepared, it is time for summer to get in tune with our needs. So storm, hurry up and shift so that we can enjoy the summer you keep hiding. If not, this only gives you more time to order these ideas online.

– Mac


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