Artist In Focus: Thomas C. Chung

Time you met a clever new friend of mine… 1.              Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from and how did you start creating your art. Hi Mac – thank you for having me here. I’m originally from Hong Kong, but grew up here in Sydney, Australia. I started Art, like all kids, … Continue reading


You know how sometimes you meet those really rad people that just seem to have it going on, a certain spark that makes them just so utterly enticing to be around.
Well then, meet one of our favourite people… KENZIE.


INTRODUCING ROB YEE: I was outside in the smoking area of a little bar in Sydney one night chatting with a grand old mate of mine about this here blog and all the things I was hoping to do with it. Like interview artists I like, musicians I thought really brought out something new and … Continue reading

SNAPSHOT: Jay Katz & Miss Death

An intriguing snapshot and a few wise words from Jay Katz and Miss Death by our talented buddy Chris Zajko…