Boys: I Appreciate The Music Man

Gotta love it when a boy can pick up a guitar and make some sweet sweet sounds.


Lookin Fine: LowLuv by Erin Wasson

I don’t own much jewellery, just a small handful of pieces that mean a lot to me. However I am trying to expand that collection and came across these rad creations.


Luckily our lovely friend JD Reforma is here. He emailed me about some hip new thang, a great artist with a keen sensibility who has managed to make photography something relevant and fun.

Inspiration: The Man Behind The Camera: The Sartorialist

I love to take photos of people, I can be that incredibly annoying person at a party or event with their hand permanently attached to a camera, while people duck out of shots or smile politely and (after a few drinks) finally get into the frames enthusiastically. Something about the visual world and capturing a … Continue reading

Featured: Icons Clash – Mario Testino & Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Mario Testino

One of the most iconic collaborations to fall upon our laps in a long time, the images portrays a friendship, love and un-worldly glamour totally unknown to us mere mortals.