How To: Find Dream Items on the Internet

Searching for an item you saw on Pinterest, but have no clue what it’s called or where to look.



So, do you see that picture I have above. That is Charlotte Rampling, in her hey day (and still now) she was a gorgeous young Brit, with perfect hair the best pair of reading glasses I have ever seen. I came across this image of hers while trawling through Pinterest one day. I was searching for glasses as my insurance said it was time I updated mine and I didn’t like what they had in the shops. So be-still my heart when my eyes fell upon these, oversized so they would fit my giant head, light weight so my nose wouldn’t hurt and totally cool because a sassy British minx wore them in 1970.

But of course I was hit with the same issue I am sure many of you face when you find that perfect dress or hat or shoes. They are from decades long gone and finding them now is next to impossible. Luckily it is only ‘next’ to impossible because I can help you out!

So lets take my search for my perfect glasses as an example:




Aka, your on your favourite blog, pinterest, twitter, facbook or whatever site and you come across an picture of woman wearing the best dress you’ve ever seen, or the most gorgeous red lipstick, or the greatest pair of boots.

Image URL

Here I found my dream reading glasses on this gorgeous picture of a beautiful girl. But now that I found her wearing them, how the heck do I find what make, year or what not?




I learnt this old trick from a friend and it has saved me so much searching time.

You save the image url and past that into the Google Image Search page and hit the little picture of the camera and just like that it’ll show you everywhere you can find that image.

google image copy


So now you’ll end up with a results page much like this:


Charlottle Rampling copy


And just like that I knew the beautiful girl in my random photo was actress Charlotte Rampling, further digging in the sites that popped up told me the photo was taken in 1970 and that she was a frequent traveller to Paris.




I always trust when it comes to finding vintage items, so I went there first. 

I typed in all the new information a now had and managed to find exactly what I was looking for.

Glasses on Etsy copy



So don’t give up, if you find a gorgeous item from the inner depths of the internet and think there is no chance you could find it there is always a way. This just happens to be one really good way.

I hope this helps!

Ps: This store also had a pair of tortoise shell ones, but I already bought them 😉

– Mac

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