Workspace Betterment

I am a big believer in a nicer workspace makes for a happier worker


I am also a big believer in procrastinating. And boy oh boy this website is my haven when it comes to putting off doing this report.


They have everything you never thought you needed and so much more. So I’m going to take you through what I feel I need to make my office space as perfect as I would like this report to be.

Firstly the Self Sustaining Ecosphere

This little growing world will make you feel like Lisa Simpson’s science diorama has come to life, watch weird things grow and move about and forget all the woes of that major assessment being due in 8 hours.

tank-meter-coffee-mugNext you’ll need go-go-juice or Coffee. So of course you’ll need it in an amusing cup where you can visually see how far down your fuel has depleted.

The Tank Meter Coffee Mug


No good workspace is complete without an iPad these days, but what if you are a poor student or only just making your way up the office money ladder and can’t afford such things. No worries, you can get the much cheaper paper equivalent!

The Poor man’s iPad


Now after all that writing you’ll have plenty of rough drafts and scribbles that aren’t needed and you’ll want to keep your office space as clean as possible. You need a trash can, but not just any trash can oh no. You need a TARDIS trash can, send that rubbish through time and space!

The Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can


Luckily all that rubbish is now in the TARDIS, but what about your actual laptop/computer – its filthy. You need something to suck up all that muck too. But something fun and silly that’ll make the job more fun than just turning your keypad upside down.

The Electronics Cleaning Putty


Now that your workspace is looking its finest, everyone knows that any good workspace has a cat in it. Obviously. So your darling pet needs to stop trying to sleep on your warm laptop and needs its own play bed while you type all that brilliance.

Fuzzy Bubble Cat Bed

Now, I wish I could say that I have all these things, or that the website was going to magically send them my way. But no, I’m just avoiding doing work and instead wishing for stuff I can’t really buy. So while my cat sits next to laptop looking eagerly at the keypad I bid thee adieu and happy procrastinating.

– Mac

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  1. you have brought up a very wonderful points , thankyou for the post.

  2. wohh exactly what I was looking for, thankyou for putting up.

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