Winter Warmers

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it time to update the snuggily winter collection.


It may sound strange to most, but winter is by far my most favourite season. I adore wearing big jumpers, scarves and hats. And there is nothing better than rugging up on the couch with a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and having a long dvd session either alone or with a friend.

So as the (barely even there) summer now comes to a close, I am in happy autumn and moving slowly towards my happy weather. Coldness.

It’s time to get all the coats out of storage, dig the jumpers out from beneath the drawers and pull out all the boots.

However it may also be time to update your lovely collection with some new looks. So I have put my favourites together for you to peek at:

Bari Cable Knit - Cream

Bari Cable Knit - Cream

Jumpers like this work great over anything really, but with the new peter pan collar trend they are simply adorable.

clemence poesy gstar raw

Clemence Poesy G Star Raw

I just bought these jeans and I practically hug them every chance I get. They fit right, and you can actually move about in them without dislocating a knee (that happened to a friend! how awful).

Faux Fur Scarf - ASOS

Faux Fur Scarf - ASOS

Fauz fur is super cosy and kinda feels like a Muppet is giving you a hug. I dig that.

Alexa Chung in Ballet Flats

Alexa Chung in Ballet Flats

As a total shorty I was a little hesitant about buying such flat flats, but boy oh boy are they comfy. Country Road has a range of completely leather ones with wonderful soles that will set you up for a few seasons.

Leather Peter Pan Collar

Leather Peter Pan Collar

The best collar around I think. And you don’t even need a whole shirt. There are some great DIY tips going about the internet on how to make these cute little collars.

Here is one right now:

So get comfy this cold season and embrace all that winter has to offer, sadly we don’t get snow, but that won’t stop me twirling about like it is. Heck I may even go ice skating. Like the disco kind they do on Fridays! Oh boy now I’m super excited.

– Mac

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  1. Elvin Valis says:

    Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

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