How-To: Shop Online

A Guide to Shopping Online with all the confidence of a pro.


Online shopping is the greatest, if you know how to do it properly. You get all the convenience of not being surrounded by mad crazy shoppers, judgmental fools and giant lines for change rooms.

From the comfort of your own home you can choose that gold sparkly halter dress you are going to wear to your friends Hoochie themed party without people actually thinking it’s just what you wear out on the town. Or if you do where that kind of thing out and about, then you are clearly Beyoncé. HI BEYONCE!

Online shopping gives you access to a multitude of brands from all around the world without having to do any of the footwork. What’s even better is that online you are generally less likely to pay full price for items you find in store.

So time to get savvy and hit the interwebs for all your fashion/make-up/linen/homeware/giant fish tank needs.

As a seasoned online shopper I am going to give you the basic outline for buying stuff like a pro.


Grab a ruler or tape measure (you can grab free ones at Ikea), and know you height, chest, hips, waist, leg length and foot size.

The reason? Online you will see just how absurd sizing really is, you may be a UK8, AUS10 or USA6. And they will all be the same. UGH. But if you know your actual size you can’t go wrong.


Once you know your size its time to know where to shop. The best deals come from anywhere really, but the major online stores do provide ace discounts and generally free shipping. Win!

Here are some sites you should check out:


I have found that if you leave items saved in your bag/watch list and what nots, the sites will start sending you emails for discounts. You see thanks to the fancy internet, they know you are two shakes of a penguin’s tail from buying something on their site and they want to seal the deal. So play hard to get and you might get a fancy little offer very soon.


Make sure that when you have found that dreamy pair of shoes or gorgeous dress you read all the reviews or feedback from previous buyers. It will usually be on the site itself, but if not use the old Google machine. The advice is from common folk like yourself and you’ll end up with a helpful tip EVERY TIME.

Personal Experience: I had my greedy little eyes on a gorgeous pair of leather boots (actually I’m wearing them right now) and was about to buy them when I remembered my own advice. I read all the reviews and found out they ran a size too small. I took that on board and ordered a size up. Lucky thing I did because they were so very right.


When you have selected to buy. YOU HAVE SELECTED TO BUY. Don’t be a douche and do a pull-out-bro on the poor sellers. So make sure you are totally keen on the purchase BEFORE hitting the button.


What’s better than diving head first into the web for bargains? Having the bargains swim right into your fish tank of course!

By subscribing to newletters you will get first access to new collections and all the discounts, so become a member or simply drop them your email and half the work is done for you.

By the way, I don’t know who that dude is below, but I like his silly little yellow pillow.

Yay! Now all you need to do is a get a second job to accomodate for your shopping problem. I kid I kid. Now it’s time to set your savvy little hands free on the web and score yourself something pretty.


– Mac

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  2. I always was interested in this topic and stock still am, thanks for putting up.

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