Pick Up A Bow Tie

I will go out with you if you are wearing a bow tie, it’s science.


I wore a bow tie to work today; my workmate announced we were dating. See they do work.

Now we aren’t really dating, but that’s the power of the bow tie, spontaneous announcements, wedding proposals, and prizes. It’s all part of the deal. Because when even Doctor Who himself is sporting one, then you know you’re onto something gold.

So below I have provided an array of ways to wear the dear bow tie, from male to female, young and old, human or time lord.


Doctor Who looks ever so dashing these days.

Can’t go wrong when the Bass is doing it too.

If Diane Kruger is working it, then clearly it’s time to give it a go.

Rachel Zoe is ex stylist and gorgeous man about town Brad Goreski.

Throw in some skulls and your look gets a little more punk than nerdy.

Heck you can even buy bow tie jewellery and give it a clip on go.

It can even work in the office (I know this by personal experience!)

Or of course out on the street, it’ll make you so lovely and cosy around the neck. Also, make any basic shirt and blazer combo absolutely divine.

If this gorgeous little lad can wear one, SO CAN YOU. Actually the site where I got this delightful image also has a brilliant HOW-TO on making bow ties. Give it a look and a try!

– Mac


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