Perfume: You’re Scented Fingerprint

Our sense of smell is so strong, that one whiff of perfume can bring up a whole plethora of memories.


Perfume is one of those wonderful things, it makes people smell amazing and also distinctly like themselves. I can’t smell Chanel Chance without thinking of my best friend Michaela who has worn it since high school.

When I was 16 my boyfriend at the time bought me D&G Light Blue and I wore it all the time, it became such a part of that age and time of my life. I was glad when it ran out because it meant I could be a new person, so my Dad bought me a new scent for my start into senior year, and I have had it ever since.

Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent is my signature scent, the one that people smell and go “hey that reminds me of Maca”.

Funnily enough Kaity and I share this. I arrived to her flat in London and saw it sitting on a shelf, I was amazed, what are the chances. Kaity you rock.

So I am here to tell you that although I adore perfume and own three. I think everyman woman and (older teen) child, needs to have a signature scent.

There is something so romantic about perfume, the way it lingers, ignites one’s memory and makes everything smell so pretty.

I buy my perfumes with great care and often find they remind me of when I bought them at a particular time of my life.

Flora By Gucci

Flora By Gucci

I really loved the ad for this fragrance and on a trip to Los Angeles thought I would buy it duty free for myself. Well after a particularly crazy night, my best friends boyfriend bought it for me as a thank you gift. I used it the rest of the trip and when ever I smell it to this day it reminds me of that cool Autumn in Echo Park when I paraded from bar to bar drinking margaritas and eating salsa with my best friend.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

While on a trip to London as I indulgently shopped at every single store, mall and market known to man I happened upon this fragrance. It’s so feminine and strong, such a classic scent. I loved it.

Then one night I was invited by a friend of friend to attend a play The Children’s Hour starring Keira Knightley, who also happens to star in the Chanel ad campaign.

So the deal was done, now the smell so strongly reminds me of London is makes me a little sad for my little romantic holiday over there.


So tonight when I go out, and the next day, when I have breakfast and the day after that when I head off to work I will spray a little perfume on myself and smile at all the things, places and people it reminds me of.

– Mac

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  1. Oh, and there’s my illustration of the perfume bottle! guess I’m a bit late..

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