So what does it mean? Tattoos for a Reason


I currently have six tattoos, four I hold dear to my heart and two I some what regret since they weren’t planned, done properly or mean very much, except that my best friends mirrors mine (and they do make us laugh).

So that got me to thinking. Is a tattoo better when it means something, when it represents something or someone. Or can they be just artistic images or artworks that happen to live on your flesh forever. Or perhaps even further, can you appreciate the drunken decisions you made one stormy night and love them anyway?

The reason I bring this up is due to a rather interesting story I came across a little while back on ABC News website:

This grandmother wanted it known that should she fall ill, and unconcious, she does not want to be resuscitated and risk the chance of living in a vegetative state. And how did she do this? She got it tattooed!

grandmother - do not resuscitate

Crazy right. I have never seen anyone use tattoos in such a way. Hence why it made news.

So I had a quick look to see who else had a tattoo done for a really sentimental reason and came up with the gorgeous Emma Stone.

Her mother is in remission from cancer and so the whole family decided in an act of unity to get a tattoo, the same one. And since they all love The Beatles and particularly the song Blackbird, the choice was simple. What made it a hundred times cooler is that thanks to her work on Zombieland with Woody Harrelson Emma actually met Sir Paul MacCartney, and so she wrote him a letter asking if he could sketch the feet of a blackbird for her and her family. He did. And pow! You have yourself a beautiful family image to carry around on your wrist.

emma stone - blackbird

I am a big beliver in tattoos having some sort of meaning for the person it is living upon. However I also understand that tattoo artists are just that – artists.

So why not let their canvas get something amazing done and walk about showing it off. My buddy Eva has some glorious ink on her, especially the giant hare and fox that sit on her delicate arms.

I saw this girl on the brilliant site and she immediately caught my attention with her delicate flower tattoo trickling down her arm and matching the accessories on her wrist. Charming.

satorialist - tattoo girl

I also think sometimes things just grow apart of you, like the way people seem to find an ‘addictive’ feeling to getting inked. I can understand that. Its like a kid with a blank notebook, you start doodling in it and the you get some cooler pens, and start drawing more and more. Except your body is the paper.

Johnny Depp’s character in The Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, has a tattoo on his arm identifying him and Johnny Depp grew so attached to it that he got it done permanently. Makes the phrase “taking your work home with you” so amusing.

He reminds me of my mum when I told her at 16 that I wanted a tattoo and she responded with “Only pirates and criminals get tattoos” and I replied “yeah but Johnny Depp has heaps”. She thought for a moment and smiled “hmm maybe its ok then”. So thanks Johnny you helped me out once, I’ll never forget it.

vanity fair cover - johnny depp

– Mac

4 Responses to “So what does it mean? Tattoos for a Reason”
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  2. dieta says:

    She says, “My mum and I are going to get tattoos. We’ve never gotten tattoos before and probably never will again, but her favourite song is Blackbird by Paul MCCartney, (it’s) my favourite song as well, and she just went through a pretty crazy two years.

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