Haircuts: Edward Scissorhands VS Sweeney Todd

Getting my haircut has always been an anxious ordeal for me, since the days of old when mum would take me to Just Cuts as a kid or even now when I book myself into expensive salons. I always get the hand sweats and some how loose my ability to talk like a normal person.

I still remember walking into highschool on my first day of year 8 to find that all my friends had got their hair cut in the exact same style. Long hair with layers. They were all the rage, and every single one had it. I got home, immediately made my mum book an appointment and that Saturday I told my hairdresser to go to town. I wanted it super short and with the possibilty to wear it in a mohawk. Even though secretly I wanted cry the second she was done I walked into school that following Monday and happily paraded my new do, loving the fact I looked so different (at least I did after one person said I looked cool). I think I discovered quite early the fun part of getting you hair cut, and how it just grew back anyway, but the anxiety always lingered.

Shoot forward a few years, and by the time I reach the end of highschool, I had long hair and layers. My 14-year-old self would have sniggered at me.

Then I started Uni, so for a while I regularly went to a salon in Enmore (mainly because my hair dresser was a total babe) and I let him do what ever he pleased. I was first year at University and I was pretty much hi-fiving my younger self. I got the most bizarre cuts, really shaggy and very asymmetrical and mostly made me look angry or like I’d slept in a gutter.

Now when I walk into a hair dresser I get a little panicky, “should I go nuts and get something rad” or “should I play it safe and bring in a picture of a nice cut” or “should I let my hairdresser choose”. ARGHHHH!

So I have compiled my favourite hairstyles, one’s I have worn and one’s I have always wanted. I will start with the most ridiculous and work into one that kinda resembles the state my hair is in now.


This is by far the most stupid of my hair fantasies. You see I am Chilean, I have a lot of dark thick hair, and there is no way in the universe it could become soft, thin and blonde. But I will dream my dream.

Gemma Ward i-D Magazine


Again with the blonde ambition, but this time I wanted to look more grunge and cherub baby combined.

Drew Barrymore


I actually did have this hairstyle for a few years, when I got sick of gel and hairspray and let my mohawk grow out a little, I rocked this little cutie. It was so easy to maintain and I often pine for it.

carey mulligan


I tried this one out a little at the end of highschool when I went to Chile for three months. I realised very quickly I was neither sexy nor confident enough to fake being sexy.

Penelope Cruz


This is the hairstyle I fell back on lately, it is highly styled (lots of hairspray or mouse or Moroccan Oil), but in the end looks like you haven’t done a thing. Its very annoying, too much to do and all to look like you’ve done nothing.

Alexa Chung

THE ‘Meh’ DO

I am a fan of not doing shit to my hair, straightening takes a really long time for me and rarely does it even stay straight for more than 30 minutes. So I have come to terms that the hair cut/hair do/ hair whatever that I now need to embrace is the MEH, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. *Also: This do works really well with red lipstick.

Freja Beha Erichsen

So good luck out there dudes, I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. Who knows what I’ll come back with.


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