Run to the Beach, or Run to the City?

Personally I have
never been much of a beach kid, I wasn’t overly attached to getting sand
EVERYWHERE and the heat stroke that leaves one unable to move for the next two
days after. Also I have a fear of drowning after a rather nasty episode at Wet
n’ Wild World when I was nine – that blasted wave pool is so dangerous.

Anyway, as I sit here
in the beginnings of what seems to be a rather cold and long winter for
Australian standards, I can’t help idolize the warmer climates of the majority
of the world right now. All the online stores are stocked with light dresses,
large brimmed hats, floral backpacks that look ever so cute on bicycles,
bikinis, beach balls, short shorts and sandals.

So have am I suffering from an acute longing for summer or jealousy of the entire
northern hemisphere?

When I look at photographs of slurpys, crashing waves and sun kissed bodies I scream
a very loud YES.


BUT, like I explained
at the start, I have never been a beachy person. Sure I bought a heap of Roxy
clothing when I was nine, but everyone did.

Otherwise I have
always been a city kid; I find nothing more exciting or more adventurous than losing
myself in a big city. I walked around New York for my 21st birthday,
and when I say walked I mean walked! I practically wore my legs into stubs that
trip. There is so much to do in a big city, so many people, so much life and
undiscovered goings-ons. The same feeling swept through me when I was set loose
on old London town for the first time at the age of 22, there is just too much
to do. I still remember being introduced to a mini farm in the middle of
London, I felt like Marie Antoinette. The thrill on sprawling oneself in
Central Park while the skyline peaks above the trees, the joy of walking
through Antofagasta (a seaside city in Chile) during their religious Valentine’s
celebrations and the wonder of walking through Berlin and being told about
historical buildings while your ears froze in the harsh winds.

The great cities of the world have always
been my go to destinations when planning trips overseas. So here are some
reasons why:


– Mac


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