Vogue’s Online Shopping Night: Interview with Vogue’s Online Editor Felicity Loughrey


Felicity Loughrey, Editor, Vogue.com.au

Interview with Felicity Loughrey, Editor, Vogue.com.au

1. Being an avid shopper both in the stores and online, what made you think that a choreographed event like the real life Fashion’s Night Out would work online?
Vogue’s Online Shopping Night is a great way to celebrate online shopping. It’s an event that everyone can enjoy across Australia. You can live anywhere and you can take advantage of the great offers on the night.
2. How did Vogue go about getting such highly regarded and vast a list of Brands and Stores to make such impressive online offers for the night?
Vogue has incredible contacts and access to a great many brands – both large and small, local and international. This event was about unifying those brands online for one spectacular night of shopping!
3. With lots of people trying to buy from the same stores simultaneously, how much has been done in terms of shopping security and ease of purchase?
All of our online retail partners are incredibly reputable. We’ve met them all. We have trust in our partners (and their IT teams).
4. Do you think that online shopping will be the death of walk in stores? Or can the two live side-by-side in happy harmony?
Online stores and brick-and-mortar stores can work really well together. It’s not an either/or scenario. Plenty of shoppers do their research online, zero in on what they really want and then hit the pavement. Likewise, there are shoppers who fall in love with a dress in store and look for their size online.
5. With success of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and the future (I’m sure) success of Vogue’s Online Fashion Night, are there any future events up Vogue’s sleeves?
Of course! There are ways to get this inside information. Sign up for our emails, be our friend on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. But next up is Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, September 8 – mark it in your diary!

– Mac


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