Accessories: What Makes Us, Us

Tiffany and Co

Accessories more often than not have a strong intrinsic value to the person. Personally I have three, one is a necklace my aunt gave me, another is a tiffany pearl necklace I bought in New York on my 21st Birthday and the last is a vintage ring I bought when I was going through a sad breakup.

Each piece holds some meaning, tells a little story and feel so deeply a part of me that if I lost them I would feel utterly horrible.

 So I thought I would dedicate this post, after a sweet incentive from the lovely team over at, to:

Iconic Jewellery


My Girl
My Girl

The first piece I thought of was Vada’s mood ring from My Girl, I still remember balling my eyes out when I saw this as a kid, and insisting my parents buy me an exact copy.


Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys

 When I got a little older and began to move away from the awkward tomboy phase, I happened upon a cult classic. Suddenly being a refined pearl-necklace, tiara and dark sunglasses wearing lady was overwhelmingly appealing.
The Wedding Singer
The Wedding Singer

I have a guilty pleasure which my best friend constantly mocks me about, The Wedding Singer, if it’s raining I’ll watch it, if it’s been a bad day at work I’ll watch it. I watch it a lot. The opening credits are forever forged into anyone who has lived with me is brain. But one detail I simply adore is that throughout the entire film Drew Barrymore’s character only wears one piece of jewellery.

 So what I am sharing here is that when you are buying jewellery, even if it isn’t an engagement ring or a wedding band, it doesn’t mean it can’t be special. That’s one thing I believe Tiffany&Co do so well. I was having a peek at their new line and fell in love.
Check this out:
Personally, I think when you make the right choice in jewellery you can wear it with anything you have in your closet because it becomes a part of you rather than just another accessory.
I like this necklace for instance because it’s made from the same metals as my ring:
Vintage Lock Pendant

Vintage Lock Pendant


I would wear this darling thing with anything, from my lovely Burberry navy trenchcoat to my big fluffy Topshop jumper, because that is the special thing about good, well crafted and beautiful jewellery. 


– Maca 

Tiffany and Co

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