Do you like music and stuff?

If the answer is no, get off our blog. If the answer is yes, then read on dear friends because we have quite the stud for you. One of our dear friends has been kind enough to answer a few little questions for us and I think you will love him as much as us.


adam and a dinosaur

 Ps: Adam I stole a whole bunch of photos from your facebook that I think are amazing. I will now share them with the world…

Hello ADAM LEWIS, how about you tell us a little about yourself, what do you do, what do you love?

I’m a 24 year old guy originally from Sydney’s Bible Belt, now based in the Inner West. I follow Sydney’s music scene pretty closely, and talk about it on Radiant, a show that I host on FBi Radio. I also write here and there. A few things that I love are hip-hop, Freaks & Geeks, trying sodas from other countries and road trips.

You have a show on Sydney’s loved Community Radio FBi, Radiant, tell us a little about a typical show?

Well, I started Radiant to champion the musical acts on the fringes of pop – I spent my late teens in warehouses, art spaces and pubs watching a lot of amazing bands that were just a bit too off-the-radar to get the coverage that I thought they deserved. So I pitched Radiant, and FBi were kind enough to let me run with it. A typical show has a lot of emerging talent, mostly from Australia. I bring a band into the studio almost every week to do an interview and play a live set, because I think spending a good half hour with a band is a great way to introduce them. It’s also a great way to have awesome stuff that you can’t get from the internet – because let’s face it, the blogosphere overtook the radio ages ago for new music discovery, and for good reason. So on my show, I think a strong connection to the local music community and a focus on exclusive content (or simply being first to spot a new act) is important.


adam and shaggy's 42nd birthday


What has been the greatest/most exciting guest you’ve had on Radiant, and was there swooning involved? 

Last year an opportunity came up, pretty unexpectedly, to have Mick Harvey on the show. That was a pretty big deal – it was more nerves than swooning, but it was amazing! He did two songs live to air on a mate’s acoustic, and apparently hadn’t played solo to an audience in over a year. Interviewing Damo Suzuki (ex-Can) was pretty intimidating. And a whole bunch of legendary Sydney acts – Crow, Jamie Hutchings, and The Hummingbirds, who did their first live songs in 17 years on my show.

Some of the best performances have come from newer acts though – Alps backed by Bare Grillz was amazing, Unity Floors, The Maple Trail singing Christmas songs backed by strings… there’s been a lot of great memories.

You are a pretty rad radio host, so much so that Drum Media had you as a runner up for Radio Show of the Year. How did it feel to read that? And will you let it get to your head, asking for hookers and blow for each show henceforth?

Oh god, that was a shock. I’m still a bit suspicious of it really, it doesn’t seem right… I mean seriously, they had me tied with This American Life! But it’s flattering and i’ll be exploiting it wherever possible from now on. Not for hookers and blow though, things are hectic enough in the studio (I do everything solo) without trying to accommodate women of the night with a head full of stimulants.

Drum Media loves adam

Now as a massive music aficionado/fan/lover what were the following:

-The best festival you have attended?

Green Man festival in Wales. Gorgeous location, good vibes, too many ciders to choose from and a well-crafted lineup. And I saw Jarvis Cocker buying his pre-teen sons ice cream for breakfast. They look like mini versions of him, it’s adorable.

-The best small venue gig?

I found out about a Wooden Shjips show in Berlin when I was over there a couple of years ago. Turns out that the venue, West Germany, was a few floors up in a gutted out old communist-era apartment block in the Eastern part of Berlin. It was a fascinating place for a show, and the band played the best set I’ve seen them do – incredibly loud and jammy in a really small room. I got very lost in it. One of my favourite gig memories.

-The worst gig you have ever witnessed?

I went to see M83 because he was supporting Midnight Juggernauts once. You know those sensational Schoolies images you see once a year on the news? That was the Enmore floor. Singlet-clad teenage boys with shit haircuts, goonsacks and misguided teen frustrations everywhere.

And then M83 came out, announced that his band’s gear was missing at the airport, and he was going to play some tracks from his ambient album Digital Shades vol. 1. He more or less got drowned out by angry shouts and slow-claps for the duration of the (actually pretty great) set.

-Weirdest story you came home with from a gig?

Once I was seeing La Dispute, an Italian hardcore band, on a Sunday afternoon in the Hibernian House (a run down old building in Sydney that hosted a lot of warehouse spaces over the years). Halfway through the set a young woman pushes her way to the front, and gets the band to stop playing. It looked like she was going to complain about the noise, but she just asked if she could borrow some milk. She was wearing nothing but a very, very sheer shawl. Nobody knew what to do, and a few hXc guys were getting REALLY angry. It was wonderfully awkward.

adam and andrew wk


Where would you like to go with radio in the future, or is there a bigger plan for Mister Lewis?

I’d love to see Radiant expand all over the place. I’ve just started booking a monthly night in Kings Cross, which should be a great chance to actually do my Radiant thing in person. And i’m planning on bumping up the online component as well – more blogging, news, downloads, etc. Looking along further, I’d love to start releasing records too but I think i’d better get the live ball rolling first.

At what gig will we be seeing the Adam dawwwg in the foreseeable future?

I’m headed on a Melbourne adventure today! Going to see Swans, followed by a trip into the Victorian countryside to see a rather crazy Golden Plains festival lineup.

And lastly, for any kids out there wanting to be a dedicated go-to-man in the music landscape/ radio god. What advice would you give?

Well, if you love music, just look for ways to help out and get involved. It doesn’t have to be big, but soon you’ll find opportunities and new ideas. At the same time though, don’t be afraid to hustle and push your ideas.

adam in a bow tie


So there you have it!

Is Adam Lewis now you’re new best friend? Do you secretly want to pash him behind the school shed? Are you hoping to run into him at a gig?

Me too.

Actually I’m seeing him at Golden Plains tomorrow. I win!

– Maca

  1. suzzy.J. says:

    awesome, awesome, awesome, fricken awesome. I love this blog.

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