Check This Out: DEAR PLUTO

Dear Pluto

5a Wilshire St, Surry Hills

Want some really amazing/fantastic/gorgeous vintage clothing/shoes and what-nots? Then take a peek at these great people:


1. Firstly, as a big fan of the Hibernian House vintage sale times, how have you expanded and why?

Within a few months of holding them, our vintage sales were huge. Eventually we had to come to terms with the fact that our Hibernian House warehouse was not. Another factor was that we were sharing the space with a bunch of other people, meaning that, without being total arseholes, we couldn’t open every weekend (as we do now), nor could we set it up with permanent rails or changing rooms. Our new space is much bigger – allowing us to cram in loads more stock – and has proper changing facilities, air con, a comfy couch, a great stereo system banging out some sick tunes and very possibly the friendliest cat in the world. My vintage hunting skills have only improved and prices are even lower than before.

New Space

New Space


2. What kind of vintage clothes do you seek out, and from what types of places do you source them?

I seek out fun, well cut vintage pieces that I think our customers would dig. I source clothes from garage sales, markets, carboot sales, op shops and customers (we buy as well as sell). I just got back from a month-long jaunt to Europe, where my partner and I scoured about a billion op shops in search of pretty stock. At Heathrow, I narrowly escaped over $600 in excess baggage fees. Amazing what a little flutter of the eyelids can do for you, eh? Obviously I flashed him too, but I’m pretty sure it was the eyelids that did it, and not the whole indecent exposure thing.

3. You guys also have cinema nights, exhibitions and loads of other wonderful events – how did these evolve?

Hosting events such as film nights and exhibitions was always something we wanted to do, only it was quite near impossible in Hibernian House, where we shared with others. Now that Dear Pluto has it’s own space, we can do whatever we might please. The fact that we have a massive projector screen and a big open space helps too, of course. On Mondays we show cool old films, on the last Sunday of the month we host a little flea market in the courtyard behind the store, we throw the odd swap soiree and we also hire the space out for album launches, exhibitions, video premieres, photo shoots and other events. We love the idea of offering a space for people to express their creative concepts without having to go the week without food, so we keep rates to an absolute minimum.

Dear Pluto Cinema

Dear Pluto Cinema

4. What is one of the greatest finds you have made while searching for new stock for the store?

I’ve handpicked every single item so, to be honest, I kinda love it all, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. And with nothing being over $50, we have a pretty big turnover of stock, meaning we’re always getting new and amazing pieces in. I do have favourites though. We have two beautiful fur soles in store at the moment, and an amazing little wedding dress from Europe. It’s the kind of dress that trying on will likely end in your getting married.




5.       And lastly, what great future plans do you ideally have for Dear Pluto?

We’re always cooking up new plans for Dear Pluto. Some of them are good, most of them are probably just the half-baked result of too much cider. We’ll be keeping the majority of good ones under our hats for the time-being, but don’t be surprised if you see extended opening hours and a range of more diverse events in the not-too-distant future. One of the ideas we’re working on getting off the ground at the moment is a speed dating party for students. To register your interest, shoot us an email at Otherwise, just keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates, or swing by and see us in person on the weekend. We’d like that.

Emma Daniels

So make sure to come on over to check these guys out whether it be for a little retail therapy, a relaxing movie night or what ever else these talented cats bring together.

– Maca

4 Responses to “Check This Out: DEAR PLUTO”
  1. horizontalstripe says:

    I love your blog! definitely going to start frequenting.

  2. happywithaface says:

    I love this!!! You’re blog is definitely one of my favorites. 😀

  3. ineedsometimeout says:

    This is awesome, I totally want to check out Dear Pluto.

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