hand made T- shirts by kenzie


Yes we seem to be raving a lot about our friend Kenzie, but guys she is really that cool. Yeah. We mean it.

Her latest piece of greatness comes in a handy piece of clothing you will cheerish for all time.

Ever gone searching for a tshirt and come back empty handed, or bought something ok only to go out that night and see five people with the exact same thing. BLURG. So we have brought you a solution…

Hey Kenzie! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am an artist who works mainly with video, sculpture, installation and illustration. I also write for theatre and make performances. I also like to busy myself with projects just like my latest one


Now, what stroke of genius gave you the idea to begin making hand made t-shirts?

It all started with a hand drawn “Simpsons” T- shirt, which i made for an ex boyfriend. This came about as i was once recounting a story of how my parents made me a hand drawn “Simpsons” T- shirt when i was seven. The T- shirt was for a dance that my class was preparing to do at the Jaccarranda Festival (the annual town festival of the city of Grafton) to the song “Do the Bart man”. All the kids in my class were going to wear their “Simpsons” T- shirts as a costume for the dance but i didn’t have a “Simpsons” T- shirt because my parents thought the Simpsons was too rude for a seven year old and they wouldn’t let me watch it. Parents refused to buy me a “Simpsons” T- shirt for the dance but as a compromise they made me a Simpsons T- shirt which they hand drew. So really, it was my parents stroke of genius.


How do you put together the designs together for each lucky recipient? And how do you ensure they are all one of a kind?

I put the design together based on information they give me about themselves. I try to integrate as many interests as possible onto the one image, so that each design is a kind of ‘portrait’ of that person via the things they think are great. every design is one of a kind because my drawing abilities are far from realistic or accurate, i don’t think i could draw the same image twice even if i tried.


If I was to say that I liked Built to Spill, Silver Foxes, Skateboards and Rollercoasters, what sort of design could I expect?

You would get Mr. Sheffield (Silver fox) rocking out playing guitar on a skateboard that was riding on a roller coaster. Also Mr. Sheffield would be wearing a ‘Built to spill’ T- shirt.


So what do I need to do to get myself my very own one of a kind t-shirt?

Well, I’m glad you asked because it’s actually quite simple. You just need to go to and check out the ‘yes please make me one’ page and place your order. Don’t forget to include your size details as well as giving me a brief or detailed description of what you are interested in.




Love Maca

2 Responses to “GET YA TSHIRTS HERE = by KENZIE”
  1. Orangejuice says:

    This is awesome, i’ll be sure to get one. (:

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