Inspiration: The Man Behind The Camera: The Sartorialist

I love to take photos of people, I can be that incredibly annoying person at a party or event with their hand permanently attached to a camera, while people duck out of shots or smile politely and (after a few drinks) finally get into the frames enthusiastically.

Something about the visual world and capturing a moment is just so entrancing, both doing it at the time and looking back on it later.

So this post is solely for me to show a man who makes an art out of every shot, who makes every person a model and the ordinary extraordinary.

Aka… I am a BIG FAN of The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman).

So here is a short Documentary filmed by the lovely people at Intel.


5 Responses to “Inspiration: The Man Behind The Camera: The Sartorialist”
  1. kellsbrain says:

    Yay, you’re back! Happy New Year! Last time Mr S came to Melbourne he announced he’d be hanging out at ‘Cutler and Co’… which is actually a fine dining establishment not a public bar – and hundreds of poor (but glamorous) indie kids turned up and swamped the joint! Hahahaha. He is a dude.

    • Yay! The end of 2010 was a little all over the place for us, but now it’s 2011 and time to get things together.
      I really wanted to see Mr S when he was down in Melbourne, and I probably would’ve joined the eager indie kids. What a rad guy. So glad you like our blog. Hopefully we’ll chat some more in future.

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