DJ Vincent Vega

Paris… Home of the Lourve, Serge Gainsburg (RIP), cute little cafes that have good quality Pastis, chain smokers and this dude – Vincent Vega. Promoter/Art Director /DJ. And not just any other DJ. The dude is resident DJ for the “Au Bout Du Monde” Beach at Calvi On The Rocks (which, if you’ve been paying attention, is Kaity’s mecca) and monthly Parisian club night ‘Mein Disko which specializes in Psychedelic Boogie / NuDisco & ReEdits / Vintage Italo / Tropical Beat / EuRobotic Dance / Rock under Acid / Kitch Pop / Sweedish Disco / Machinegun Funk / PreModern Dance / Funky Variet’ / Old Rave & Scandinavian Electro. AMAZING, I KNOW.

Yep… This guy not only knows how to bring the party, but he knows how to make you party, your girlfriend party, the girl you’re cheating on your girlfriend with party and your Mother party.

Loving all things Parisian and with my return to the City of Lights imminent I asked Vincent to give us the low down on where a disco queen can dig in her heels for the night. I also asked for photographic evidence of how good he is at partying so he gave me some polaroids of him and other beautiful people at Calvi on The Rocks over the last couple of years. This was clearly for the benefit of this post and not my own, selfish, reasons…
Drum roll…

Calvi 08 - Mimi Xiu, Victor (Housse de Racket), Stephen (2Many Djs)

Chez Moune

“This former lesbian cabaret, seeing the light of the day (night) in 1936, has kept
some of its original features: Art-Deco design, rococo mouldings here and there,
outdated (but so fresh) logo and an intimate atmosphere, but became a modern
club along the years… I love this place, not only because my friend Guido is the
artistic director, but mainly because each time I Dj there or come as a guest, I can
feel that wild vibe running through the air… The audience is very diverse and
you never know what to expect; I guess that’s part of the excitement to it.”

Chez Moune
54 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle
75009 Paris

Calvi 08 - James Murphy, Mandy Coon & Petunia

Le Baron

“This has to sound a bit cliché, but the trendiest Parisian club of those past 5
years is still one of the best (if not the best place). Own by artist André and
nightlife guru Lionel Bensemoun, Le Baron is the headquarter of all the hype
people around and beyond. [It is] very hard to get in unless you’re invited.
[But once you are in] all the staff become very friendly and welcoming once they know you.
You can run into Kristen Dunst and a minute later, find yourself talking with an 18 years old
graffiti kid. I personally had the best times ever playing records there, going from
60’s anthems, to plain disco, with a few cheesy French variété songs in between.”

Le Baron
6 Avenue Marceau
75008 Paris 

Calvi 09 - Aeroplane

Le Raspoutine

“This is probably the most beautiful place in Paris. This Russian restaurant
opened at the beginning of the 20th century, and has recently turned into a club
for certain occasions… Parties there are sporadic and you never know when it’s
open or not; but with its grand piano in the middle of the tiny dancefloor, you’ll
immediately feel that you’re experiencing something really extraordinary, just
being there.”

Le Raspoutine
58 Rue de Bassano
75008 Paris 

Calvi 08 - Lars Krueger, Mimi Xiu

Social Club

“In less than 3 years, Social Club has become the reference for clubbing in Paris.
They most definitely have the best international artists coming over, booking the
biggest electro Djs you can dream of. The place is pretty big for a Parisian venue
and the crowd is quite young, which mainly explain the raw energy bursting out
almost every night. People are here to dance their ass off and you won’t blame

Social Club
142 Rue Montmartre
75002 Paris 

Calvi 08 - The Juan Mac Lean

The basement of La Fidélité

“La Fidélité is a restaurant opened 2 years ago by the team behind Le Baron;
an old school bistrot/brasserie with high ceiling and typical French food. The
basement was initially a fumoir that quickly turned into an after-dinner social
gathering place. More or less improvised parties are now taking place there,
sometimes with DJs, or selectors, and sometimes with the vintage juke-box

La Fidélité
12 rue de la Fidelité
75010 Paris 

Calvi 08 - DIRTY (Pilooski & Guillaume Sorge)

Calvi 09 - James Murphy & Holy Ghost!

Calvi 09 - Maryama

Calvi 08 - Random Happy People

Calvi 08 - Stefaan Van Leuven (Soulwax)

Vincent would also like to add

“PS: To be honest… if you want to party in Paris: get yourself an appartment, a dozen of good friends, a turntable and a couple of Havana Club bottles…  Simplest efforts alwayys get the best results!”

Ahh the French. A whole nation after my heart.

All photos courtesy and masterfully shot by Vincent.
You can check him out on on his twitter,  facebook or the Mein Disko myspace.



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