I first met Sydney ladies Alyx and Freya aka Kyü a couple of years back. We were at a show and they had made brownies for some mutual friends. I (regrettably) didn’t have a brownie but was a smitten kitten within moments of conversing with them.

These two spiritual sisters are as lovely as the days are long… as is the musical collaboration between the two.  Simply put — Beautiful human beings making beautiful music. Their debut self titled album  is out now through Popfrenzy.

I profiled Alyx to ask her about their music and what’s going ahhhn:


Describe your style and what you ladies try to express through your music:
People throw around words like “experimental” and “tribal”, but those words tend to weird us out. I don’t really know what our style is, except that we had literally no concept of one when we started writing music. We both come from a background of the piano-player-vocalist archetype, and I guess it was really just two people coming together who did the almost the exact same thing and we built from there, which manifested into an obsession with textures (or what we call ear candy) and a love of percussion. In terms of what we try to express, that’s not really pre-meditated either. We don’t censor any words or ideas, they are as they were when we pulled them from the pages of our journals. We’re not going to pretend that we’re not heavily inspired by certain musicians.  I hope that we can hold on to that as inhibition or ego inevitably tempts us….

Has there been one stand out gig/performance for you:
We’ve had a couple of really special shows, most recently the string of shows we played with High Places and Xiu Xiu, particularly the Perth one where we both had lots of family. There was a really amazing vibe, and the audiences were great because i think all the bands were a really good fit, and it was so inspiring to be playing with two really influential and inspirational bands.   And if you mean a stand out gig/performance that wasn’t ours, those shows would still be my answer!

Fave International and Australian artists/bands?:
Animal Collective (and assorted solos/collabs), Joanna Newsom, High Places, Jonny Greenwood, megastick fanfare, Parking Lot Experiments, Richard in Your Mind and most recently Nimble Animal. But that’s such a hard question!! They’re only the ones that spring to mind…..

What are your thoughts on the Australian Music Industry at present and how do you see it changing in the future:
I think Australian music is totally amazing. I think we have some of the best bands in  the world here, and i think in the last couple of years a new movement has sprouted up and all it needs now is the rest of the world to catch on. I’m pretty sure that will happen. I think the industry here is great too, there are a lot of amazing people working together for music to heard, despite of certain hurdles like our venues being under threat. One thing I would say I dislike about the music industry (of course not mutually exclusive to the Australian one, or the music one actually) is a massive preoccupation with gender. Sometimes freya and I feel like we wouldn’t cop as much flack, or certain treatment, if we were men doing what we do. I have a real love for strong women in the industry with an attitude to foster exactly what they want to do artistically without it being a sex or image thing. I totally respect artists like Pikelet, as some amazing women behind the scenes as well. I think there is a rise of a more womanly – as oppose to that token “girlish”, presence. And I’m not calling for superiority or anything, just equality. Music is such a universal thing, and I think regardless of gender, race, culture – whatever – essentially we are just people doing a thing when we’re doing that thing…. yeah.

How do you think the fashion industry affects the music industry and vice versa:
That’s not something I’m really very aware of actually. I know that there’s a horde of Artists that are who they are and of their fame based on an image of themselves that they’ve created and that totally freaks me out to be honest! So yeah, I do think the two industry’s are pretty intrinsic to one another.

Fave style icon?
Tom Baker

Describe your personal style:
Clothes? I really don’t dress very well…. refer to “fave style icon”.

Do you feel any pressure on the way you both express yourself stylistically when you perform?
We don’t really adhere to it but i know it’s there. I think as women doing what we do there is a lot more attention paid to what we look like and what we’re wearing, which is sad but not something we can really avoid. Freya is effortlessly stylish, I’m a huge dag, and I don’t think that’ll change..

Where do you most want to travel to to play:
I don’t know! We’re reeeeeally looking forward to the States, but Europe would be amazing as well.

What are Kyü’s plans in the future:
We’ve got a really busy stint in Australia before we play around New York/LA in Feb/March next year. Then we’ll do some travelling, get some stimulation, reunite and hop onto our second album!

Listen to them in all their glory on their Myspace. Watch them on Moshcam.
And then buy their album here at Popfrenzy or on iTunes.



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