Listen To: RocketNumberNine

Remember a couple of weeks ago how we had a post about that incredible show happening in London in November that Eat Your Own Ears are putting on..You know, the one at the Coronet Theater with Four Tet, Caribou, Nathan Fake and RocketNumberNine

Well,  yesterday the lovely Claudio from Bad Panda Records was nice enough to send me the new track from London’s Experimental brother duo RocketNumberNine and I tell you what, it’s seriously the bees knees. You can listen to ‘You Reflect Me’ here. Coming in at a ‘cool’  8 minutes and 32 seconds, the length of  ‘You Reflect Me’ allows just enough time to bliss out over its glitched layers and beautifully executed jazz drumming, whilst leaving you in a ‘waking life’-like state.

No clip for it yet.. However if you go here you can read an interview with the band.

While we’re speaking about all things music I thought I’d just quickly bring up Last.Fm.
How do we all feel about it? I just started using my account and I’m feeling kinda alienated to be honest.. Apparently I have a “low” music compatibility with most of my friends. This may be due to being transient at the moment and not having all of my library on me. I am, however,  liking it as a tool to see what everyone else is listening to, and what tracks they’re “loving”..hmm. Everyone, add me as “friend” (guys, I think it’s time we took things to the next step..) so I can see what you all are getting off on.

Kaity (and my


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