I wanna take you home, I wanna try on your clothes: Almie Rose

Almie Rose is a Blogger from LA that has this hilarious self depreciative, dry, comedic style of writing. The girl is totally gorgeous and highly freakin funny. Well to us, anyway. If you don’t get ‘it’ straight away, don’t worry, you will. And if you don’t, we feel sorry for you. Reading her posts is like having a drunk friend in the room that is holding a glass full of whiskey and is spilling it around everywhere while asking age old questions such as  “Does anybody date anymore?” and “Why are beautiful women with ugly men?” (although Kaity disagrees with her opinion on Serge. Serge is Kaity’s ‘Prototype’ – fellas, take note).  She also creates awesome compilations for her readers to download, like “You’re a sad girl in the 1970’s” – She “had”  us at 10CC.

Pretty much we want to fly to Los Angeles, kidnap her, get her drunk and make her dance to awesome 70’s disco with us.

Everyone has had a break-up and whether good or bad, they are never fun. You mope about, get emotional for no reason and you find solace in: A) Getting your drink on Bukowski-style and chain smoking while pretending like its not happening (ala Kaity), B) Badly scripted rom-coms (ala Maca) or C) Perhaps bit of both..  But now we have found you something better, so put down that copy of He’s Just Not That Into You [gahhh horrible horrible/worst fucking movie ever], or stop listening to Candi Staton’s ‘Young hearts run free” and watch Almie restore your soul through the magic of vimeo.  Because her video on “How to get over a Breakup” is the best thing since discovering cider on a summers day. We’ve watched this maybe one too many times, maybe even more times than Kaity has ‘Wedding proposals rejected in public‘.

We do not condone the usage of marijuana or other illegal substances, but hypothetically if we did then we might recommend watching this stoned to enhance your viewing pleasure..


“You guys..this is my impression of an owl..ready?” bahahahaha.


Kaity & Maca

3 Responses to “I wanna take you home, I wanna try on your clothes: Almie Rose”
  1. Girlycow says:

    ahahaha! This is awesome!

  2. ineedsometimeout says:

    bahahaha, this is hilarious. 🙂

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