Inappropriate footwear at 1-2-3-4 Shorditch Festival, London. Moments after this photo was taken the subject plunged to her death...Not really, but NEARLY.

Ok, don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t bother me what shoes one wants to wear to a festival. However, let’s think about this ladies: If you’re LUCKY you will be walking around in, what is fundamentally, a park. A park with dirt and grass and little bumps that, you know, tend to be in parks. Again, this is if you’re LUCKY.

Worst case scenario will be you attempting to shuffle daintily at Exit Festival in Serbia, or Calvi where the streets/fortresses surrounding and penetrating the festivals are cobblestone death traps.

SO – the best case scenario we have so far is dirt and a minimum of let’s say, a couple of thousand people. Those minimum couple of thousand people are probably not going to be sober, or polite.  My point is – don’t wear high heels. For serious. There is absolutely no fucking point. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter how hot you think you look in them – they are just impracticable and I can guarantee that 99% of the people looking at you aren’t thinking to themselves “Damn, that chick looks hot in her shoes”. No, they’re thinking “Why the fuck would you wear shoes like that to a festival?”.

Even the girls backstage wearing them, I still don’t get it. I mean yeah – if you’re performing or Kate Moss, sure, go right ahead… but if you are not – you don’t need them. If you’re going after-partying later, take them in a bag.

Take it from me. I’m the idiot who not only wore clogs to Exit Festival (see: worst case scenario), I also had to help carry gear around. Walking at snail’s pace is no fun for anyone, x 10 when you’re the only female in your group and it happens to be the World Cup final night.

I'm lucky I didn't break my fucking neck.


One thing I loved about the festivals overseas is that everyone was so damn chilled. Not one angry, Australian flag-bearing, iced-up bogan in sight. I’m sure there are some, somewhere, but I didn’t have to deal with any. Here are some snap shots of what made me happy…

Relax on the beautiful Calvi beach, you may have 99 problems but getting a cocktail won't be one

Catch a speed boat to the other side of Calvi and drink a mojito on a bed.. SRSLY

Listening to Klaxons new stuff.. pretty good. The crowd respecting each other's personal space - PRICELESS.

Montreux Jazz Festival - Awesome festival with mind blowing line up and hilarious art.


It’s pretty simple really. A good festival is defined by the artists performing and the people you are surrounded by. Let’s face it, festivals are just as much about listening to music as they are about “experiencing” what is going around you. Being in a different country opens you up to all sorts of magical situations, as well as being privy to all sorts of people.. For example:

Girls that express themselves crazy stylistically, gotta love it.

Some English ladies - Aren't afraid of the fake tan, are they?

To paraphrase Weezer: "..Japanese girls do it to me every time"

Okay, Okay, so I have a thing for 30-something dudes with pot bellies that drink cider, so shoot me!! P.S LOVE the fact that I told him that this was for my "AUSTRALIAN FASHION BLOG" and thus this is how he posed.

This chick kept asking me for a lighter. Her and her bestie were swinging their hair around like they just didn't care.. and I can dig that.

Apparently I missed the memo about it still being cool to take cheap ecstasy and find the closest random dude to start making out/dry humping with in public. I'd like to thank the people I was with for not calling me a heinous bitch for taking this picture..

And lastly – After experiencing Calvi On The Rocks, Montreux Jazz Festival, Les Ardentes (sorry, no photos), Exit Festival, Lovebox Festival (again, no photos) and 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch Festival I finally finished with Field Day in London… and it was emotional, people. You know how you occasionally hear people say “It was the best day/night of my life”? Well I have a feeling that in.. however many years, I will actually be able to say that this really was in my top 10.  I actually CRIED while watching Atlas Sound. It was ‘that’ amazing.  And so I leave you with this – my favourite photo from my favourite day:

My buddy Glen and I contemplating how hard it is to be a hipster.

And that’s all I got for you, babez.
I’m about to move into a Wintery London, so Maca will be looking after the Australian Summer Fests for you.

In case you missed it, you can read Part Une here.

ALRIGHT – so here’s the sites you need to keep your eyes on for Summer ’11:

1-2-3-4 Shoreditch Festival
Calvi On The Rocks
Exit Festival
Field Day – Also, check the peeps that put it on, Eat Your Own Ears out, as they’ve always got A-grade things happening..
Les Ardentes, Liege
Montreux Jazz Festival

Personal thanks to all those that I met along the way. It truely was the summer of lurve.



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