Fashion’s Night Out… Sydney

Want to know how Kaity and I started this blog? It was a few days before her big European trip and she and I started chatting about a gorgeous bag she wanted to buy, and I was discussing some shoes. We discussed how no girls really own some solid interwebs space talking about shit that we like in Sydney and overseas places we love.  And then it dawned on us, why don’t we give it a go.

So it all began because Kaity wanted an opinion on a new bag purchase and I was looking up shoes. Sure we adore music, photography, art, food, rad people and so much more. But at the very core we love pretty things created by talented people and possibly on sale.

So this brings me to one fairly drizzly night out in Sydney a week back. Kaity was on her way to London and I was going stag to the first Fashion’s Night Out to be held in Sydney with the support of the fashion bible Vogue. Was I excited? Hell yes. Only thing was, a bad pastizzi the night before had kept me up all night hurling out what felt like my very being. So as I struggled to get through work that day my enthusiasm had been wavering to say the least.

As I slightly begrudgingly walked up to Martin Place I wasn’t in the quite the right frame of mind… and then I saw this.


Yep that is indeed what it looks like. Paspaley had a fairy floss stand outside the door. Welcome back enthusiasm.

To be honest I spent the whole time smiling at window arrangements, trying free drinks in shops and jovially skipping from sale to sale.
So as I present you with these little images, just try and imagine what it would have been like to be surrounded by beautiful people, feeling like for once Sydney had not missed out.

The Crowd at Martin Place

The people that attended were all dressed up, in high heels, beautiful clothing and some had even purchased the Fashion’s Night Out t-shirts. I wish I could have said the same for myself, but I looked slightly ragged from illness and a little light headed from lack of food. But with the warm pink lighting thrown about the area, it was hard to really care too much.

Fashion's Night Out t-shirts for sale

Crowd waiting for speeches


As I walked about listening to Kirstie Clements’ [editor of Vogue] speech, I took in the amazing lengths the fashion community had gone to in order to create a really fun night out.
They had a free portable hair salon.

John Frieda Hair Salon

Live models in store windows, reading vogue and just casually looking absolutely superb in delicious 1960s inspired swimwear.

Live Models at Fairfax&Roberts

Live Models at Fairfax&Roberts

Live Models at Fairfax&Roberts

In fact the whole atmosphere was slightly carnivalesque, as though someone had broken into the candy coloured filled dreams of all the girls who had been dieting out of their winter bodies and splashed it before their eyes.
I mean seriously, look at the Vogue cake that the Lindt team put together right infront of an eager crowd.

Lindt Vogue Cake

And the way that Tiffany’s sparkled in their famous hue of blue.

Tiffany's Lights Up The Night

Now as I continued my frolic through Fashion’s Night Out, I reached Pitt Street Mall and all the [more affordable] clothes and shoes they had on sale. Now I apologise, but I did get a little distracted by all the pretty things and kind of missed a lot of the talk and fashion shows. Sorry. But can you blame me, really.

Ruby Rose chatting about her new range with Milk and Honey

Bardot doing a Paspaley and giving out freeeeee fairy floss

General Pants Co. bring out the music

So this is the end of my travels. I left with 5 bags containing shoes, tops, dresses and a rad denim vest that will surely be my summer staple.

Thanks for all fun times Vogue and Sydney’s First Fashion’s Night Out,


3 Responses to “Fashion’s Night Out… Sydney”
  1. Aphrodite says:

    RUBY!!!!! RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBYYYYYY! My lady love looks so hot. Dang. I should’ve effed off the thesis for the night and dragged my ass to the city. Sad. I must find another way to get to her.

    Lovely blog btw I am heartily enjoying it xx

  2. fashion game says:

    That great! Thanks for us

  3. Girlycow says:

    Awesome photos. I wish I could have gone. next time, maybe.

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