Listen to: The Hundred In The Hands

Whilst recently in London I was lucky enough to see the newest members of the (to die for) Warp roster live – delicious New York two-piece The Hundred In The Hands. Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman together create moody and lush disco/pop that represents a new generation of accessible electronica. And, as easy on the eyes as the band is, it’s Eleanore’s grace and strength both musically and as a front woman who is growing within her technique that will have THITH everywhere imaginable by 2011. What I really find refreshing is that Eleanore can actually sing. Her vocals are given texture through layered harmonies, with minimal effects, and posses an extremely sensual feminine quality without playing into the oh-so-popular “woman trying to sound like a child, who’s trying to sound like a woman while confusingly balancing sexy and innocent” plague that seems to be amongst us at the moment.

Check out their website, in particular their “Look Look” visual posts page.
Their debut, self titled album is released 22nd of September.
Go grab it at Bleep



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