Jump In Ladies

Swimwear is one of the curses of man kind, you want to be wearing very little and feeling comfortable and looking fantastic. However winter bodies are more often than not ill-prepared for the summer heat waves and the full exposure that comes along with it.

So if the latest trends have shown us anything (and that is mainly thanks to Prada) it is that women are women. We have boobs, bums and a little padding around the middle. But rather than hide ourselves under beach towels until we have to sprint to the water, where we can once again hide ourselves under those forgiving waves. I give you the high waisted, figure friendly and utterly female friendly swimwear for summer 2010/2011:

Inspired from the 1950’s and 1960’s these trends give full support, while hiding any and all areas that need a little extra care.

Much like this one-piece marvel from 1952

Jantzen 1952

These ladies are the Mad Men epitome of sex appeal.


So now where can we possibly obtain these delicious silhouettes these days…


Victoria Secret One-Piece

Another great site for all your vintage swimwear needs…

The Vintage Heaven MODCLOTH

ModCloth Two-Piece

And the delightful Australian favourite SEAFOLLY

Seafolly and Jessica Hart

So come out this summer ladies and put those sexy figures to good use, the beach is waiting for you.


2 Responses to “Jump In Ladies”
  1. Girlycow says:

    This is awesome. 🙂

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