Here at Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss we will be interviewing people who inspire us both in the Music and Fashion industry’s, discussing the personal relationship between the two and thoughts on how both scenes affect each other. For our first profile we’re excited to introduce you to the crazy beautiful DJ T.Noo (aka Mlle Stéphanie) from Paris. Her style, charisma and down to earth attitude won my heart at this years Calvi On The Rocks. She shares with us her love of music, her fave eco friendly brands and where she loves to play..

DJ T.Noo

A little about yourself and what you do:
Bonjour. I am T.Noo also known as Mademoiselle Stephanie. Well, my life is almost all about djing. I live in Paris, but grew up in Corsica. I play my favourite records in Le Baron and Favela Chic, Paris, and work on the festival Calvi On The Rocks.

Do you have a certain DJ style and is there anything particular you try and express in your sets:

I play anything that suits my mood at the very moment I spin records. I used to prepare my set when I played with vinyl but since I found them to heavy to carry I now play cds which gives me much more choice and ideas. Hip-Hop, Electronica, Disco, Minimal, House, Rock, Punk, Indie Pop, deep Soul… I play anything that sounds good to me.

Certain ideology’s/people/places/artists/films etc that inspires you and their effect on what you play:

I have a true love for radio. I listen to it a lot. In cars, at home, hotels… It is the main inspiration in my dj life. My friends have also an important role in that. What they go through, what i go through too, the feelings, are what feed me the most. I think that emotions are the point in what I decide to play.

Name your favourite location to DJ:

I have great memories from Tokyo, Le Baron, where I played a lot for two months. But playing on the beach is also something that drives me mad, in a very good way. Of course I think of Calvi. Playing surrounded by the sea, mountains, sky, wind… This is strong.

Fave International and French artists/bands?:
International = Holy Ghost!, Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Isolée, Steely Dan, Missy Elliott…
French = Jackson & His Computer Band, Pilooski, Discodeine (project from Pilooski & Pentile), Renaud Papillon Paravel, Joakim, some Daft Punk prods…

What are your thoughts on the French Music Industry at present and how do you see it changing in the future:
France has a big heritage called French Touch in which french music industry has been stuck in for a while with many artists trying to reproduce the sound of Daft Punk & co. But now I can feel a change thanks to labels like Tigersushi or with people like the D.I.R.T.Y crew.

How do you think the fashion industry affects the music industry and vice versa:

I don’t know exactly, but I guess music effects fashion more than fashion effects music. Fashion seems to be always in search of new ideas, energy, clichés and music is such a spontaneous and wild thing that i found it hard to capture/freeze… I guess musicians, by their way of being, give some example of how to be different. And this seems to be a true inspiration for fashion industry always looking for new codes.

Fave style icon?:
I don’t have an “icon”. I’m not sure about what fashion means anyway. I usually don’t like mass movements leading people to wear the same coat/shoes/bags because this is the must have of the season… It sound like slavery. I don’t see the point.
I have a “love at first sight” relation with clothes and stuff in general. Whenever i’m the shopping mood, I run into second-hand and vintage stores. I feel also concerned with the impact of my life and choices on our environment (after all, nature is what we have in common and what we should definitely feel concerned with), so I really appreciate brands like Goodone or Melissa (shoes).

Favourite piece of clothing:
A very very large cashmere scarf, color dark chocolate, and it’s hard to find me somewhere without it, at least in my bag, even in summer.

Where can we expect to see T.Noo in the future?:
Home producing music, Le baron and Chez Moune in Paris, and NYC very soon…

You can find Mlle Stéphanie here on myspace or her blog.



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