How to DO the Euro/UK summer

Recently I spent some time around Europe and the UK. Attended Calvi On The Rocks, Les Ardentes, Montreux Jazz Festival, Exit Festival, Lovebox, 1-2-3-4 and Field Day. Here’s part Une on how to survive and  getting the most out of  the shit fights. From being tattooed backstage to getting into the spirit of things with the locals on a French island..(p.s I’m not a good photographer, nor do I claim to be)


Calvi On The Rocks by night.

I can not stress this enough people. Calvi is on the small island of Corsica, just an hour’s flight from Paris.
If you like a) Cocktails b) Postcard perfect beaches c) Amazing old fortresses on cliffs overlooking the ocean d) Electronic/Dance music or e) All of the above, then this is one festival I guarantee you will have enjoy immensely. I’m already looking at villa’s to rent for next year. This years highlights were Midnight Juggernauts, Hot Chip, Jamaica and going to some party on the other side of the beach that we got taken to on a speed boat. Yep, I was on a mother fucking boat. Note: If you don’t like seeing naked people dancing, then here is not for you.

Me trying to get in the spirit of things

Busy P & So Me behind the decks


Camille & Alta at Calvi On The Rocks

Hey Guys..I’ll let you in on a little secret.. you ready??..18 year old girls..well, they’re KINDA FUCKING AWESOME.
I should know, I was one, once. Those days are now long gone, yes, however I can’t help but feel somewhat proud of the fact that I have (nearly) reached my mid twenties with an immense love for my fresher faced, perkier breasted, younger counterparts as opposed to the extremely boring (and cliché) feelings of disdain that seems to plague so many women. What’s with that? Seriously? Sarah Silverman said it right when she recently tweeted  “NEW FEMINIST We no longer need men to treat us equally. We need women to treat each other less shitty” A-FUCKING-MEN babe.

Camille and Alta here made my day/night. Low maintenance, no hang ups, FUCKING FUN!!!!!!!!

And how hot are they!!!!!!!


Montreux Jazz Festial

PSYCHE. Sorry guys, but I’m probably the first and only person this will happen to there.
Set right next to the breathtaking Lake Genevea (seriously, never seen anything like it) is the annual and extremely prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival which runs for two weeks of every July.

One of the perks of travelling with a band means that when you rock up to festivals like this you get LOOKED AFTER. We were lucky enough to have two of the best backstage minders of all time. One of the guys, Jo, happened to be an extremely talented artist who has recently started tattooing. Soon we were comparing our tats when I suggested that he should ink me up. Next thing I know Yannick, our other minder, is sketching what I dictate to him, Jo’s driving home to pick up his equipment, and then after watching Massive Attack…VOILA! I’m the proud owner of two new tattoos. I don’t remember much after that besides that I was the last back to the hotel and had half an hour of “sleep” before getting thrown into the van for a 8 hour trip to Belgium. Incase you’re wondering, I got the Triple Goddess symbol and the Native American symbol for the butterfly, both of which have significant meaning to me.
But I guess what I’m trying to say is go with the flow. Be spontaneous. You are making memories to one day tell your kids about. Or, if you’re like me, your cats.
Check out Jo’s artwork here

Moments to remember all our lives..Literally.

Keep an eye out for pt.deux


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